The Socks Release Their Self-Titled Album March 18




French band on Small Stone Records

As I listen to the first song, Lords Of Illusion on their self-titled album, The Socks, I feel like I’m listening to a band made up of Primus and Black Sabbath.  Not a bad combination let alone first impression if you ask me.  This is mainly only for the first song where you hear that weird introduction that slowly creeps up on you until the whole band explodes with energy and power to start the album off.  As I continue to listen to this band from France, all I can picture is being in a smokey intimate venue, with the bright purple, pink and blue lights beaming on the faces of these four  musicians.  Just by listening to these guys, you can automatically tell they love what they do and aren’t afraid to show it.

The Socks music isn’t anything like their boring band name.  Their music is loud, furious and nothing for your grandmother’s ears.  I especially like lead singer, Julien’s voice because he has that loud and raspy Ozzy Osbourne meets Ken Casey sound to him.  As a fan of seventies music, I enjoy this band because the type of sound and style they have.  I am nodding my head throughout the whole album and realize this is what music is all about.  Being able to jam, have fun and let loose.  The nine tracks that complete this album are upbeat with a psychedelic twist.  When you’re a  rock and roll fan you’re not caring about how many “dollar bills” Kanye has made or Taylor Swift’s latest breakup, you’re focusing on how hard that drummer is beating on his set or how the rest of the members are collaborating together.

The Socks have something to their music where they are able to grab your attention and keep you wanting more. The Last Dragon, which ends the album tones everything down a little bit…if that’s even possible for this band?  A more laid-back and introspective sound to cool things off.  Overall, I’d rate these guys like the volume of their music…high.  I realized this band isn’t for everyone, but I also realized rock and roll isn’t dead.  In my opinion, music shall live on in the purest form.  Keeping it real, loud and hard!


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